Our Signature Brow Sculpt

New Client

Our signature brow sculpture treatment is unique to BBH we have formulated a precise, step by step technique to transform any brow. Before we dive right into creating your new amazing brows, your brow specialist will have a full consultation with you (and your brows) to ensure you are well informed and educated. Using our own custom measuring technique, our talented brow specialist will measure your brows to suit your own facial features. 


Now here comes the fun part, with the combination of our own formulated procedure of waxing, tinting and more, your brows and face will be completely transformed!  Whether you have little to no brows or over grown caterpillars, our talented team of therapists can use our signature brow sculpture to create amazing results.

w/Henna $75  w /Hybrid Dye $85

Brow Refresh

For Existing Clients with 4 to 6 week growth

Okay, so you have been transformed by our signature brow sculpt, but the work is not done yet! Following your initial brow sculpture, you and your brow specialist will come up with your own brow plan, identifying areas that need TLC to create your perfect brow.


After every brow refresh visit, your brows will get better and better, we will even prove it to you by comparing the progress from your very first visit (yes thats right, we take before & after photos).

w/Henna $60 w /Hybrid Dye $65

Stand Alone Options

Brow Tidy | Brow Tint | Henna | Hybrid Dye

Are you ready?