Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

At the Brow & Beauty Haus we know natural and timeless beauty is best. Cosmetic tattoo will give you symmetry, definition a beautiful shape and more confidence. 

Our cosmetic tattoo services include a full consultation to ensure we discuss every clients individual needs and desired outcomes to create a customised brow. Each Cosmetic tattoo is an individual  work of art.



Ombre’Brows / Combination Brows

Ombre’ Brows 

Ombre Brows are small pixels of pigment that softly blends into a more distinct arch and tail. Giving the brow a beautiful soft powdery look.

$550 + $150 for touch up appointment



Combination Brows

Natural and full brows. Combining two different techniques to give you a stunning yet natural sculpted look. This brow style is compatible with most skin types

$550 + $150 for touch up appointment

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Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare

How do I care for my new brows

Brow tattoo is a relative low maintenance procedure however there is a little extra care required over the first 10 days whilst the your brows are healing. Your aftercare will determine long lasting results.


  • Avoid wetting your brows during showering, no swimming, saunas and sweating.
  • No touching! Always wash hands before and used clean cotton tips to apply your aftercare.
  • Apply your aftercare ointment every morning & night for 10 days.
  • Avoid makeup around and through your brows.
  • No self tan or other skin care products near your brows.
  • Be gentle with your brows, no picking, scratching, rubbing, face washers or makeup remover wipes.
  • Do not use any harsh products on brows like acids and peels.
  • Protect your brows from sun.

What To Expect 

During the healing phase

Day 1 – 3

Yours brows may appear very dark and have a slightly swollen appearance. The colour is guaranteed to fade by 40% to 60% during the following weeks.

Day 5 – 15

Flaking may occur. Do not pick or rub as it will pull the pigment out.

Day 15 -20

Brows will disappear slightly due to the natural skin exfoliating process and they may even be a little patchy in some parts.This is perfectly normal.

Day 20 – 30

Brows will reappear softer. This is why we will always book your touch up appointment before you leave from your initial tattoo appointment.

What To Expect Beyond 

The healing phase

As we age our skin changes and over time cosmetic tattoo will soften and become more powdered. This is universal with all permanent makeup and tattoo procedures.

Your cosmetic tattoo will fade prematurely if you –

Are exposed to direct sunlight

Have oily skin

Use active anti ageing skin care like retin A / retinol products, acids.

If you have peels, microdermabrasion and IPL ensure the brows are avoided as it can compromise the tattoo.