Skin Treatments


$100 | 1 hour

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that utilises a special instrument designed to remove accumulated dead skin and vellus hair ‘Peach Fuzz’. Experience our facial which is a comfortable, gentle and relaxing treatment – leaving you with a glowing, silky smooth face! It is recommended to have this treatment preformed every 3 – 4 months and is safe for almost all skin types. The hairs will not grow back thicker. We only remove vellus hair which is the fine, light hair found on the body and its structure cannot be changed by this treatment. For stronger black terminal hair we recommend waxing/tweezing which we could do at your appointment.

bbh Glow Up Facial

$85 | 30mins

Our beautiful bbh Glow up Facial is a perfect introductory treatment that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and nourished. This highly effective facial is the perfect stepping stone to a full service facial or a suitable ‘Express’ treatment that will leave your skin glowing.

Organic Enzymatic Therapy

$115 | 45mins

A deeply cleansing facial designed to refresh your skin with a gentle but intense deep pore cleanse. All natural enzymes from an ancient type of grain (Spelt) gently removes any dead skin cells and lifts impurities and prepare the skin for active healing nutrients. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Collagen Facial

$150 | 1hr

This indulgent facial uses a customised freeze dried fleece mask that consists high quality active ingredients that have been locked into the fleece to ensure the ingredients are at their most optimised potential enabling the ingredients to become a powerful delivery system Once activated. The superior performance will improve the elasticity, smooth fine line, soothe and hydrate.

Infusion Treatment Facial

$160 | 1hr

This treatment uses specific peel off masks carefully selected to target your individual skin needs. The algae rubber peel off masks deeply infuse active ingredients into the skin, treating where they work most effectively. Before the mask is applied a specialised power packed ampoule is infused into the skin the deliver active ingredients.

Purifying – Acne and breakouts

Luminous Papaya – Dehydrated lifeless skin also perfect for a pre event instant glow

Anti Couperose – Flushed, broken capillaries and rosacea.

Age Repair – A firming, contouring and plumping treatment to turn back the clock.

Whitening – Luminous treatment to help brighten the complexion and to help with the appearance of pigmentation.

Hydro Marin Facial

$180 | 1hr

‘From the Ocean’ Hydro Marin Facial is a re balancing process to visabily strengthen and fortify the appearance of ageing and environmentally dehydrated skin. Visibly repairs the skin whilst promoting intense hydration and a renewed, more supple complexion.

Power Lift Peel

$200 | 1hr

This highly innovative treatment refines, contours and firms. Combining the benefits of Kaolinite Clay to help stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify and deep cleanse while providing an energising and oxygenating benefit to upper skin cells. Leaving your skin feeling nourished and Hydrated.

Herbal Active Beauty Peel

$220 | 1hr

Herbal Aktive B Peel is a mild facial peel designed for skin regeneration. A natural peeling treatment based on a mixture of natural herbs. Great for a congested, aging and pigmented skins and for instant radiance. This peel has no downtime.

Herbal Active Phyto Peel

$230 | 1hr

A corrective Skin Peel treatment that removes the non viable epidermal layer to reveal a new skin surface! The Herbal Aktiv P Peel is equivalent to having microdermabrasion treatments – without the damage to your skin. This treatment can have a downtime of 

2 – 5 days with minimal peeling.

Herbal Aktiv Corrective Peel

Includes post peel follow up + 3 home care products
$699 | 1hr

Herbal Aktiv C Peel Takes your skin through three different types of exfoliation, removing all signs of damaged skin. This highly innovative treatment delivers new skin in five days! Leaving your skin glowing, fresh and clear. This unique skin resurfacing treatment based on natural botanicals is free from any toxins, acids, silicone, harsh chemicals and synthetic peeling ingredients. Ideal for badly damaged, ageing and pigmented skin. Our C peel helps to reduce the appearance of scarring

Client consultation and skin preparation is essential prior to receiving a C Peel. Included in the price is three take home products.


Dr Spiller

Based on the HYTEC Emulsion Technology, Dr Spiller Skin Care works with the skin, not against it. Dr Spiller effectively combats premature ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, sensitive and break out prone skin.


Dr Spiller is ‘BIOMIMETIC’ meaning is mimics the biological processes found within the skin.

The concept of ‘natural skin care’ is taken to a new level of gentleness, effectiveness and results.

Aevitas Actives

Aevitas Actives is a BB cream and Primer range developed by Dermacy Cosmedics which is an Australian family – owned company that pushes the boundaries to deliver the best possible products for the beauty market.

Cangrow Lash



Cangrow is a lash growth serum that is becoming everyones must have lash and brow hair growth serum. The serum provides length, fullness and thickness to your own natural lashes and brows.

Are you ready?